01 Sep 2015

Digital heat transfers for wine glasses

Digital heat transfers have revolutionised the wine glass decoration industry. Traditionally fire decals have been a popular option, however now, digital heat transfers offer many extra benefits that you can enjoy when it comes to decorating branded wine glasses.

Digital transfers are baked at a lower temperature than fire decals, they are extremely durable and the power of digital means that there are no plates or origination charges.

Digital print is extremely high quality, and you can print four colours plus white with our solution.

Personalisation, versioning, multiple sorts…. all easily possible with digital heat transfers.  Marketers! make your brand stand out and develop a creative campaign.

By using CS Labels and our brand CS Digital Heat Transfers, you can be sure you are been taken care of by a market leader that is at the forefront of innovation.

How do digital heat transfers on glass work?

Quite simply your transfers are printed on one of our digital presses – we own the best selection in the world. We then supply the transfers to you, and you apply them to your wine glasses using an applicator.  Watch the video below to see an example of how digital heat transfers are applied to some wine glasses. There are a variety of applicator machines available – we can recommend various models or you can do your own research…. we can also deliver proof-of-concept testing to selected clients before you invest…

Your imagination is key! or why not give us a call on 01902 365840 or email sales@digitalheattransfers.co.uk  we’re full of ideas…

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28 Aug 2015

Digital Heat Transfer Applicators Explained…

As you may be aware, at CS Digital Heat Transfers, our role is to print high quality digital transfers at a specification that suits your application.  Whilst we are happy to carry out trials and ‘proof of concept’ runs where we will apply your transfer, ultimately our clients will then apply the transfers to their bottles, cups, pens, ice-buckets, promotional merchandise etc using their own applicator machine.

We can recommend the best machine for your application, or you are welcome to source your own. If you are currently using screen printing, with messy inks and plate charges, then believe us, it is worth calculating the cost of moving to a heat transfer process.  Remember with digital heat transfers you can personalise very easily and cheaply, enjoy short runs or multiple sorts and forget origination charges.

There are various types of machines available, and the price ranges from a few thousand pounds to over £100,00. Here is just a selection:


This type of applicator is ideal for flat or cylindrical items. It is also very cost effective. The transfers can be applied up to 360 degrees. These kinds of machines provide reduced setup time, high reliability, efficiency, and a smooth and quiet operation. The video you can see has stable, consistent head travel and smooth heat transfer advance for optimum quality from job-to-job.


This kind is ideal for medium volume requirements and larger plastic containers. It can apply on to square or round shapes in a range of sizes.


In the large category you can expect high speed. This machine applies heat transfer labels to round, injection and blow molded containers. Various container heights and diameters can be decorated. The heat transfers in a roll format allow for simple graphics changeover.

Contact us to talk more about digital heat transfers, we are happy to help.  P.S. you can also chat online!

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14 Jul 2015

Digital Heat Transfers Explained

What are Digital Heat Transfers?

Digital heat transfers are printed on a press and are in a roll once they have been printed. An application machine uses heat and pressure to seal the individual transfer on to whatever product you require.

It is a cleaner, more cost effective process than the old fashioned screen printed transfers.

Digital heat transfers don’t use messy inks or solvents when they are applied to the surface. It is a dry process.

Digital print is flexible and versatile, there are no printing plates or origination, we just set up the artwork from a file, and we’re ready to print!

So why not make the switch, dump the screen and say thumbs up to digital!

Order a digital heat transfer sample pack.

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14 Jul 2015

Decorate Glass Easily With Digital Heat Transfers

The glass decoration arena can now benefit from digital heat transfer technology! Digital is faster than traditional methods, cleaner and brighter!
Digital heat transfers have completely revolutionised the glass decoration market!

Whether it is testing a new design, or for multiple sorts, personalisation or special sales campaigns, using digital will blow traditional methods away, time and time again. Why?

  • The transfers are 1200 dpi high quality photographic images.
  • Production times are fast!
  • You can incorporate variable data and individual names, barcodes, competition codes and more so very easily with digital as each transfer is unique – there are no printing plates!
  • They are incredibly supple and won’t crease, smudge or fade.
  • Digital heat transfers weather a dishwasher really well.

Read more about digital heat transfers for glass.

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19 Feb 2015

CS Labels Eyes Digital Heat Transfer Market

The award winning digital label printer has announced plans to expand its product portfolio into the digital heat transfer market.

Download images:
Digital heat transfer on product #1 | Digital heat transfer on product #2
Digital heat transfer on product #3 | Digital heat transfer on product #4

Willenhall, West Midlands, 19th February 2015 – CS Labels today announced their foray into the digital heat transfer market. The printer known mainly as being a European leader in digital labels, is expanding their reach into new markets as part of their aggressive growth plans.

The digital heat transfer process works in harmony with CS Labels existing Xeikon digital presses. It integrates the digital printing of high quality graphics on to a clear film carrier with a unique adhesive applied. The image is then transferred to a surface or product such as glass, plastic, aluminium, pens and pencils or ceramics, using a separate applicator machine. This offers a ‘no label look’ which is consistent and of an extremely high quality.

CS Labels are the using Xeikon technology to print at a speedy 14 metres a minute; furthermore they can also offer a maximum imaging width of 322mm. The process does not use printing plates and is extremely fast and simple. All of the advantages of digital print can be enjoyed, such as short lead times, easy and quick personalisation (effectively each heat transfer can be unique when you use digital printing) and the ability to process very small runs if required.

The digital transfers will incorporate full CMYK and a fifth white with photo realistic images, they can also provide a full wraparound image on a product. The technology is quite simple state of the art in the digital transfer sector. They are ideal for cosmetics, pens, point of sale items, ice buckets, sports bottles, drinks bottles and lipstick tubes and the process means they are ideal for multi varieties. Marketers can easily offer limited editions, personalised products or trial runs of products, for example in the brewing, cosmetics, promotional, point of sale and alcoholic spirits markets.

The news comes ahead of a major announcement by the company on 24thFebruary next week, one day before they exhibit at a major Packaging show; CS Labels will be on stand K7 at the Label & Print Show (co-located with the Packaging Innovations Show and Em Pack) taking place at the Birmingham NEC, UK, on 25/26 February 2015).


For all press enquiries please contact Alison Wileman, Interactive Marketer,alison@alisonwileman.co.uk tel: 07981 300531

About CS labels

CS Labels Ltd is a true world class leader for digital self-adhesive labels and packaging. The largest digital label printer in Europe using Xeikon technology, Award winning CS labels works with organisations of all sizes from large global FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Chemical companies to SME’s and start-up niche businesses in Food and Drink. Family owned and run since 1976, CS Labels employs 40 people and is based in Willenhall, West Midlands, United Kingdom.


Telephone: 01902 365840

Email: sales@cslabels.co.uk

CS Labels Limited
Unit D Bay 2
Willenhall Trading Estate
West Midlands
United Kingdom
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